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Thanks to its geographical position, Risaralda has a geography that varies between 300 and 4,000 MSM 자바스크립트 url 다운로드. At the same time this allows the territory to have a diverse range of products where the most desired by the international market are: coffee, hass avocado, cocoa and pineapple 블록런처 프로.

The Risaraldense territory has been protected by the ZOMAC (Areas Most Affected by the Conflict) law that grants tax benefits to companies that settle in the following boroughs: (click to download the explanatory document) Quinchía, Pueblo Rico, Balboa and Mistrató, which allow the cultivation of different products thanks to the different heights in which they are 다운로드.

The territory has a very important associative fabric and given this, it tends to receive foreign investment from the hand of small local producers, in order to create global value chains that allow the technification of the field, the increase of exports and the generation of new value-added products 다운로드.

Successful stories


This company from Antioquia has hass avocado crops throughout the country, exporting its production to the United States and Europe 웹에서 앱 다운로드. Its collection and export center is located in the Logistics Center of the Coffee region (Eje Cafetero) of Pereira.


This company from Bogota has an important production of hass avocado and cape gooseberry in the coffee region 포켓몬스터 에메랄드 영문판 다운로드. FLP collects and exports its product to Europe from its plant in the town of Dosquebradas.


This company from Pereira that is dedicated to the production of guacamole and sauces 다운로드. This company sells to large stores, as well as to the most important restaurant chains in the country. Currently Juancamole is exporting to the United States and Europe and is opening the Asian market 다운로드.

Naranja verde

A national company that exports dehydrated fruit to countries such as the United States, Switzerland and Israel 다운로드. Its production and export center is located in Dosquebradas.