Support to the installed investor

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Once installed in the territory, the company will continue to count on the support and accompaniment of the agency in the following areas:

The Connection with the public, private and academic sectors of the city

The company will have the opportunity to create alliances with universities in the region to generate innovation and develop activities, as well as to link trainees, among others.

The Connection with entities for the achievement of customized training

Several entities in the region offer customized training for free or at very competitive costs.

The Connection with local companies

The Agency may link it with local companies in its sector that could be its potential allies, suppliers or customers.

The Connection with the employment exchanges of the city for the achievement of human talent

Through the employment centers of the city, we can present you with human talent options.

Support in expansion processes

The agency will be able to fully collaborate with you in its reinvestment and growth process in the territory.