Support to the investor

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If you are looking for where to invest in Colombia, we can help you:

Production of customized information

Based on your needs we can provide you with the following information:

* Price of internal and external freight

* Cost of human talent according to level of training

* Cost of Mt2 for sale or rent

* Local academic offer

* Mapping of possible suppliers

Relationship with the public, private and academic sectors of the city

Thanks to the excellent institutional relationship that our territory has, according to your needs, we can create spaces for you with the following entities:

* Local government

* Departmental Government

* Chamber of Commerce of Pereira

* Organization: Andi, Fenalco, Camamcol, Cotelco, etc.

* Universities and institutes of technical education

Relations with real estate agents to obtain the required property

We will be able to present options to meet your needs in measure for your establishment through the real estate agencies of our territory.

The Connection with the employment agencies of the city for the achievement of human talent

Through the employment centers of the city, we can present you with human talent options.