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Discount on the Industry and Commerce tax

The 14 boroughs of the Department of Risaralda offer discount incentives in the local tax, Industry and Commerce. Some boroughs offer discounst to companies that produce goods for export and others to any type of company depending on the number of jobs generated. Some boroughs offer both types of incentives.

Most affected áreas by the armed conflict

The National Government has issued the ZOMAC law, Areas Most Affected by the Conflict, in order to encourage the arrival of investment as well as the creation of a company in the boroughs that were affected by the armed conflict. Depending on the size of the company, it will receive a considerable discount on its income tax until 2027.

There are 4 risaraldenses boroughs that have benefited from this law: Pueblo Rico, Quinchía, Balboa and Mistrató.

International Free Trade Zone of Pereira

The Free Zone of Pereira offers the following benefits:

* Income tax of 20% and not of 37% as it is at the national level.

* TAX exemption for the purchase of inputs purchased in the national market destined to the productive process of the company.

* 10 years of exemption in the industry and commerce tax.

* 5 years of exemption in the property tax.