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The Risaralda Sectional Cancer League is a private non-profit entity. It has been operating for more than 40 years serving the population of the Eje Cafetero and neighboring regions. Among the main services offered are: education, prevention, cancer treatment and comprehensive health care services.

New headquarters of the Risaralda Sectional Cancer League

The current headquarters is located in Pereira and has 5,000 m2 of construction with: 26 offices, 1 chemotherapy room, 4 surgery rooms, 11 intensive care stations (ICU). It also has 186 jobs where it offers services in specialized external consultation, hospitalization, surgery, among others.

The new headquarters of the clinic will be built in Dosquebradas on a land of 7,404 m2, which was received as a donation 유튜브 프리미엄 영상 다운로드. For the first stage (Comprehensive Cancer Unit Project), 3,000 m2 will be built with the following equipment:

• Two bunkers for radiotherapy.
• A brachytherapy bunker.
• 20 beds for the application of chemotherapy.
• 6 specialized offices.

For this first phase the entity requires an initial investment that will be allocated to equipment and infrastructure of the Integral Unit.

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Tel.3387800 ext. 196

Busscar de Colombia S.A.S 다운로드.

Busscar de Colombia S.A.S is a Colombian bus body builder with more than 12 years of history. The company offers after sales support in 7 different countries in Latin America and participates with more than 60% in the production of buses of Colombian mass transit systems.

With 3 production lines and a plant of 88,000 Mt2, Busscar has the capacity to produce 5,000 bodies per year.

The company is highly focused on exports, selling long distance buses as well as two floors buses mainly to Mexico and Panama. Furthermore, it has exported its buses to other countries in the region such as: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and Suriname.

Currently, the company is looking for an investment partner, preferably in the sector, to be able to increase production and participate in important public transport tenders that are about to start in different countries of Latin America, such as Bogotá.

For more information contact:


International Negotiator North America

Tel.3387800 ext 나눔바른고딕 otf. 196


Alimentos Naranja Verde S.A.S., is a Colombian company that processes and commercializes dehydrated foods, located in Dosquebradas (Risaralda) with 12 years of presence in the national and international market. They produce natural food, nutritious, without dyes, or preservatives, or sugar, gluten-free, with good sensory characteristics, do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of one year.

They have three product lines:

• Dehydrated fruits: mango, pineapple, banana, cape gooseberry, strawberry, coconut, papaya, among others.

• Dehydrated vegetables and spices: mushrooms, paprika, smoked, spinach, pepper, cumin, among others.

•Healthy snacks: fruit bars, fruit for infusions, fruit mixes with cereals, seeds and nuts 다운로드.

Its products are used by industrial customers as raw material for the preparation of mixtures with cereals and granolas, biscuits, culinary, fruit bars, chocolate, pastries, animal concentrates and supplies for making healthy snacks.
Its main customers are: Nestlé, Nutresa, Alimentos Polar, Kellogg, Himalaya, Colombina and Congrupo. Currently they export to Israel, the United States and Switzerland.
The company has a project to take advantage of the by-products obtained in the dehydration process, by means of which by-products are obtained, such as: the juice of the fruit that is extracted at the time of cutting, the fruit that does not meet the necessary characteristics to enter the process, the non-compliant dehydrated product and the husks of the products that enter the process. When large quantities of product are processed to serve international markets, these by-products start to be relevant in volume and can be used to determine the competitiveness of the company 다운로드. For the use of said by-products it is required the purchase of a cold room, a pasteurizer, a packer, mills and cutting equipment, for which the company seeks an investment partner interested in participating in the project.


International Negotiator in Latin America
Tel.3387800 ext. 196


Given the needs that are currently in hotel coverage, both for visitors of business tourism, as holiday, it is necessary to have in the destination greater capacity in beds in hotels of 3, 4 and 5 stars.
Given this, there is a planned to build a 10-story hotel building, with 10,000 m2 of construction. This would have an estimated 120 rooms, with an average size of 15 m2 다운로드. It would have 2-3 floors of parking, with a total of 71 spaces. Also, there will be a local anchor (supermarket) of 3,400 m2 and gym, laundry, bar and restaurant services.
The owners of the project already own the lot and the designs. In the same way, they have good capital to carry out the construction of the infrastructure. Given this, they are open to finding an investor who wants participats in the project, as well as an operator for the hotel, positioning it as an executive budget hotel


International Negotiator in Latin America
Tel.3387800 ext. 196


Maracay Ciudad Campestre is located in Cerritos, heart of the exuberant Colombian Coffee Region, just 9 kilometers from the charming city of Pereira and with an approximate area of ​​400 hectares 다운로드. At 1,200 meters above sea level, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, natural conditions that brighten the soul.

Maracay Ciudad Campestre began its development in 2000 and was recognized as the best rural development in Colombia in 2005 by FIABCI. Today, 6 country (Campestre) groups (approximately 70 hectares) make up a harmonious community surrounded by native forests, bamboo forests, lakes and ecological trails.

It continues with the creation of the country (Campestre) City, integrating to housing, activities and necessary developments such as trade, services and a portfolio of complementary activities, so that residents, visitors and tourists can obtain wellness experiences.

A well-known infrastructure development company, has a hotel project that is part of Maracay Ciudad Campestre, in the area of ​​commerce and services, facing the important Cerritos-La Virginia road, with proximity to the Matecaña International Airport (15 minutes), at International Free Zone of Pereira (10 minutes), and with the friendly neighborhood of the golf courses of the country Club (Campestre) of Pereira (5 minutes), opening a new pole for business development in the metropolitan area of ​​the center west 다운로드.

The Hotel of convenience will not be an isolated building, and in fact, it is considered as a complementary project to others, and together with the Maracay Ciudad Campestre condominium, the Eco Business Park, assisted living for seniors / Senior Living and Maracay Commercial of services, make the project an ideal place to host business travelers and tourists.

Designed to provide a comfortable hosting service to different customer profiles: passing travelers, executives, tourists, among others. Ideal place for tourists who wish to enjoy Pereira and nearby tourist places. This type of lodging offers a greater connection with the city and the region in a natural and diverse environment. Operation with limited internal complementary services, first class Bed and Breakfast style.

Due to its technical construction characteristics, the hotel of convenience will be a self-sustainable project, Bioclimatic, with natural lighting looking for the best harmony with nature 다운로드.

• Number of rooms: from 10 to 12 rooms per floor- 4 Floors- Approx: 40 rooms and a skyclub with pool and bar restaurant on the terrace, where you get a great view towards the city of Pereira, the Western Cordillera and the area of Cerritos.
• Average room size: approximately 4 Mts * 8 Mts or as recommended by the hotel ally for this type of hotel.
• Construction area or total project area: lot: 27,190 m2 and hotel: 1,880 m2.
• 4 areas for food and beverage outlets.
• Convention Center: Event room and acoustic shell for concerts and presentations. Capacity: Between 200-400 people.
• Additional services: Commercial Maracay, Eco Business Park – Senior Living and Complementary activities: Birdwatching – Interpretive hiking, ecological horseback riding, mountaineering cycle, organic gardens, among others sbs 연예대상.

The developer seeks an investor interested in investing in the project, as well as in operating it.

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International Negotiator North America
Tel.3387800 ext. 196