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The region has stood out for being a pioneer in the manufacture of garments such as: blouses, shirts, shirts, ties, pants and jeans 이노센트 투어 다운로드. Likewise, it has specialized in the manufacture of high value-added garments such as: swimwear and control garments (girdles); also as in the production of hotel, corporate, security and fire services 다운로드.
In addition to having an important pull of companies belonging to the garment sector, in the region several production companies have been established in the chain such as yarns, industrial textiles and printed synthetic textiles 다운로드.
Given the importance of the sector, the region has the textile and clothing cluster “JUNTOS” 지메일 첨부파일 다운로드. This cluster has worked in the opening of new markets at national and international level, as well as in achieving the specialization of the companies in other products of greater added value 7080 복음성가 다운로드. This level of integration has been so effective that it has allowed the creation of a unified sales protocol for all its members, as well as a software for measuring the efficiency of production 알 포인트 다운로드. In total, the cluster includes 14 companies representing more than 1350 formal jobs.

Successful stories

Arturo Calle

A national casual fashion company for men, concentrates part of its production in the International Free Trade Zone of the city fds 프로그램.


National digital stamping company in synthetic fibers, established in the International Free Trade Zone of Pereira 다운로드.

Textiles Omnes

Local company that produces industrial textiles and geotextiles Diffuse download.

Gino Passcalli

Local casual fashion company for men, with stores throughout the country 캔버스 이미지 다운로드. Its clothing and distribution center is located in the city of Pereira.

Américana de Curtidos

Producer of leather for the most prestigious brands of leather goods in the country, its plant is located in Santa Rosa.